As well as my own illustrations I take on commissions and do customisations on existing illustrations. Please find a list of options below:

1. Add a name or a bespoke message to an existing illustration or combine existing illustrations.


2. Add bespoke accessories to existing illustration (e.g. party hat, flowers, rainbow, favourite toy).


3. Personalise child in existing illustration (e.g. haircolour/sex).


4. Personalised activity for an existing character (e.g. playing football, skiing, dancing).


5. Entirely bespoke new illustration to your vision.


You can also combine any of the above options.

To receive an official quote please contact with your ideas!


The brief for this commission was to create a range of emotions to be used by a children's grieving councillor. I create two characters based on my clients children and used her brand colours for the children's clothes.

First Christmas

I was asked to create a new illustration for Matilda's first Christmas. 

As Matilda always wears a light blue snowsuit the idea came about to draw her as a cute

snow monster.