About me




I'm Emmelie Coulson, the face, creative mind and card folder behind Wee Wild Monsters. I create cute, happy and colourful monsters to bring joy and imagination into your children's life.

I started out illustrating when my oldest was around 8 months old as I really struggled with this new life as a mum. All of a sudden my life went from working full time to being a mum and housekeeper. I needed something to escape this, even if it was only for a couple of hours a week. So I would prioritise illustrating and being creative over housework. Once I started to create more and feel proud of my creations I wanted to share them with the world. And if I could make some money doing it.; why not?

It's not that simple though, running a business takes a lot more than just making things and putting it on social media! So in the last year and a bit I've learned so much, from networking, to marketing, to being a better illustrator. I really had to learn (and continue) to get over my fears and putting myself out there. And now I've realised that all these things I once was so afraid of still scare me a bit but definitely a lot less.


Obviously I still feel overwhelmed from time to time. Especially now that I've had another baby! But the one thing that has kept me happy and content is illustrating. Whenever I feel down, sad or anxious I grab my sketchbook and loose myself in drawing. It has definitely helped me get through this last year!


My mission is to create lovely things for the world to buy so it will become a brightly coloured, fantastic, imaginative and creative space.


So maybe you think you are not great at illustrating or being creative but still want your kids to have a great imagination and love to do arts and crafts. If you buy one of the monster products, this will show your kids that you have imagination. For example you can help your child make up stories with the monster as the main character. It will also show your child that you like things a that are a bit different, not mainstream or what every one else likes. By buying one of the monsters you will also support a small business and what's not to like about that!


Go and check out the shop and be proud to stand out from the crowd!